martes, 26 de junio de 2007

Las bases neuronales de la conciencia

Hola he encontrado las videograbaciones de las clases de Christof Koch quien trabaja en el Instituto Californiano de Tecnología

Koch guía un laboratorio en tal instituto y dicta una cátedra llamada " The neural bases of Consciousness", según la descripción del curso:

"What are the correlates of consciousness in the brain? The course provides a framework for addressing these questions from a scientific point of view. The course will focus on the neuronal correlates of sensory consciousness.

Classes treat the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and psychology of the primate's visual system, although experiments from other modalities will be discussed as well. Topics to be covered include the anatomy and physiology of the primate's visual system (retina, thalamus, the cerebral cortex), unconscious (zombie) processing in normal subjects as well as in sleep-walkers, temporal lobe epilepsy patients and other clinical conditions, the relationship between attention and consciousness, various pathologies of consciousness (neglect, blindsight, split-brain, prosopagnosia, frontal patients), time and consciousness, memory and consciousness, thinking and consciousness, the function of consciousness and the question of free will.

The supreme aim of the class is to emphasize the empirical nature of the mind-body problem."

Les dejo los link a las lectures.

Lecture 1: Prolegomenon to the Study of Consciousness
Lecture 2
: Neurons, the Atoms of Perception
Lecture 3
: The First Steps in Seeing
Lecture 4: Primary Visual Cortex
Lectures 5 & 6: What are the Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness/The NCC are not in Primary Visual Cortex
Lecture 7 & 8: Architecture of Cortex/Going Beyond Primary Visual Cortex
Lecture 9: Attention and Consciousness

Lecture 15: On Time and Consciousness
Lecture 10: The Neuronal Underpinnings of Attention
Lecture 16: When the mind flips
Lecture 12: The Zombie Within
Lecture 13: Clinical Evidence for Zombie Agents
Lecture 14: The Function of Consciousness
Lecture 11: Memories and Consciousness

Lecture 17: Splitting the Brain
Lecture 18: A Framework for Consciousness

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